Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Frenchy's for Lunch

I'm still practicing with my camera and as you can tell by the following photographs, I haven't got the lighting just right.  Things are a little orange, due to the orange awning at Frenchy's Rockaway, our beachside restaurant of choice.

portrait of Fred, that I really like.
 The hostesses were really pleased to see Coach.  The one did ask if he was a service dog, but then gushed that she loved dogs and was so pleased to meet him.

Fred and Coach on the deck of Frenchy's.
 We did have a minor problem with my shrimp taco order: no shrimp.  It was a special and had to be sent back.  First time that has ever happened.  I won't be ordering that again.  I'll stick with what I like, the California chicken sandwich.

Close-up of Coach.
Coach was super good and there were no pigeon to bother him.  No small children to throw fries at him either.  Smooth sailing.  A week and a half left until IFT.

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