Monday, July 29, 2013

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Nearly Headless Jam

Puppies are funny creatures.  In some ways they are like horses in that they shy at very odd things at unexpected moments.

Take this morning for example. Baby Dewey (BD) and I were having a nice breakfast and checking out Facebook when all of a sudden it was as if a horrific creature had appeared in front of BD.  He leaped up, tucked his tail and backed up a few feet.  Then he looked up at me for confirmation.

"Are you seeing this?" His eyes were locked on to the TV room, so I turned and looked over there.  All I saw was a sleeping Jam in MY leather chair.

Wait, from Baby Dewey's perspective, it was merely a head!

Jam, with just his head hanging over the arm of the chair.
 From a puppy perspective, and after having seen one too many True Blood episodes, I could clearly see the decapitated head of Jam sitting on the chair, taunting poor Baby Dewey.  Something needed to be done.

"Dewey, let's go see Jam." I could see Jam barely open his eyes.

BD was not sure about getting closer to the head, but he did like Jam, so he started to walk very, very slowly, closer to the chair.  We took our time.

Jam raised his head and looked at us.  Annoyed.  His nap was disturbed.

BD sitting in front of a complete Jam, head and all.
BD walked around the chair and looked at Jam.  "See?  Jammy is fine!  Good Dewey!"

BD did a little happy wiggle (he's big on wiggles and he's a mighty tail wagger as well).  All was right in his world once again.

Ah, puppies.

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