Friday, July 19, 2013

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No Group Photo

By Fred
We take group photos as a way to capture a moment in time, driven by the anticipation that such a moment may not come again, like when old friends get together. We anticipate such moments before they arrive, and we review them with our photos and our memories after the moment has past. We spend so much time in the future and the past, even for insignificant events, that we barely remember to take notice of the present moment.

Today, despite the fact that we have thousands of photos of the dogs, I gathered up the dogs on the back porch for a group photo because tomorrow Coach goes in for training. The dogs wouldn't cooperate, though--they jumped here and there and smelled each other's butts. They aren't sentimental about the past and they have no reason to anticipate the future, except that it will be more of the same.

So I put down the camera and gave up on the photo. Instead I began to brush the dogs one by one, a nice and quiet way to spend some time on Coach's last day. Maybe 10 years from now I'll read this again and remember. If only there was some way to tell Coach how much we will miss him...

I did get one short video of Coach looking into the camera with a wink and a nod that says, "See ya."


  1. Bye Coach, we gonna miss that wonderful Lab Mug!

    The Mad Scots

    1. He'll be missed but not forgotten! He's a good boy and, hopefully, will do really well. Thank you so much for sticking with his journey. Dewey will be with us Aug. 5th. Until then, we have the adventures of Jam and Willow: on their own!