Monday, July 1, 2013

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Puppy Hypnosis

By Fred

Coach's remaining days with us are numbered. We've seen a real change in him lately, a growing maturity and a calm and serious demeanor, but he's still the sweet, affectionate puppy that we brought home a year ago.

Cheryl, with an iridescent pink fingernail, is tickling
Coach between the eyes.
While wandering around during our puppy meeting at the baseball stadium this past Thursday, Coach and I came upon a woman and man who were dressed for a night in Vegas. He wore a muscle shirt and some big bling around his neck, while she was in a tight, sort of gravity-defying shirt (not that I really noticed), with jewelry attached to every free inch of flesh and with a healthy tan covered by a healthy layer of makeup. I could see her fall in love with Coach as she approached--she was determined to give him a hug.

"Sorry, you're not supposed to pet them when they're working," I said.

She pulled back her hand but didn't break her love stare with Coach. No, this was a woman who knew how to get her way, and she could do it with her eyes if she had to.

"Oh, what a handsome boy," she said with a sort of deep growl while keeping her love eye-lock on Coach. "Are you training him?" Her husband looked away, like he had seen this behavior before.

I started to give the speech, about how we socialize the puppies, blah, blah, blah. But she cut me off.

"Oh," she purred while bring her face closer to Coach, staring deep into his eyes, "I'm all about socializing."


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