Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Meet Dewey!

This is Dewey:

Close-up of Dewey a black goldadore.
Dewey is a black, goldadore from the Judith-Goldie litter.  He was third out of the womb (3N13).  You'll notice he has really long black ears and long, long legs.  He also had a bunch of brothers and sisters who are waiting on puppy raisers to pick them up as well.

Cheryl is holding Dewey as he looks over her shoulder.

He will be home with us on Friday!!

Dewey tries to give Kelland a kiss on the face.
Kelland got to the first Berkeley student to meet Dewey.  He and his mom, Michele, met us at Southeastern to go take some photos of Dewey and his siblings for the blog.

Kelland gives Dewey a hug.
 There were some things about Dewey that we immediately liked:

Cheryl holds Dewey in her arms.

We liked that he was calm and friendly.  His tail didn't stop wagging the ENTIRE visit.

Tara gives Dewey a treat. 
We loved that he was motivated to work.  Michele got him to do a down stay in a matter of minutes.  Take a look.

Michele has him sit. Dewey does know his sit command.
He is a smart boy!. 
Then Michele shows him what she wants him to do for the down.

Which, he eventually did.  He wanted to keep his
butt up, but she got him to put it down.
 He caught on to the commands, very quickly and was very happy to do them again and again.

Kelland got him to do a down as well.

Kelland and Dewey.
 One thing we do have to brag about is the fact that he doesn't have a conehead.  His brother and sisters all have little bumps on their heads from where they whack it on the top of the entrance in and out of the kennel.

The black one is his brother.
I'm happy to say, that Dewey does not have a bump on his head, so he has either learned his lesson or has watched and learned what not to do.  Either way, he's a smarty-pants.

The two black ones are his sisters. They have big bumps.
He should fit in well at Berkeley.


  1. LOL houndies call them "knowledge knobs" because we are so smart. We are also very stubborn.

    1. hahaha!! Very funny. In that case, he has no wisdom at all. teehee.

  2. Dewey is precious! When was he born? Dante has a bump on his head, we always called it a "smart bump," haha!

    1. Dewey was born 4/14/13. He is very, very sweet. He does has a little brain bump on his skull....boney bump. 8-)