Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Bingo and the Insurance Debate

- By Fred
Cheryl and I discussed raising a guide dog puppy several times in the past, and I always came down against the idea, afraid that it would be too difficult to give our dog to someone else when the time came. To her credit, Cheryl persisted and cajoled and finally convinced me to go along, convinced me that it was just the perfect thing for us to do, and now I see that she was right. And after doing the research, we both understand the process better, and we've adopted the idea that a guide dog is like a foreign exchange student who comes to stay for a while, to learn the culture, before going out into the world. So far, so good.

This photo shows Bingo just as the television set came on (for the first time in his life). He had been playing with his toy and was stretched out to take a nap, but the voices caught his attention, and he sat like this, transfixed, fascinated with a debate about health insurance on CNN, for at least 30 seconds. He is still not committed to any particular health plan, but at least he remains open-minded. Pretty smart for a 9-week old if you ask me.

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