Thursday, July 30, 2009

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On the Straight and Narrow

-By Fred
We've got a front yard that offers temptations to a young puppy. Sticks and vines and bushes. Flowering plants, shrubs and palmettos. Big plants that hang over the sidewalk and distract Bingo as we work with him on leash training and basic commands. An oak tree that does its best to drop twigs and leaves and clumps of Spanish moss just in his path. And he cannot help but put these things in his mouth.

So this weekend I did some trimming and got out the leaf blower and now he has a nice, clean sidewalk for his lessons. I'll try to keep it picked up for the duration.

Likewise, inside the house Bingo has more temptations than a drunken sailor on leave. It's a slow process of "no, no" and "good boy". There are just so many things to learn...

After just one week Bingo is progressing really well. He rarely pulls on the leash, he sits (sometimes) and stays. But best of all he seems really happy.

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  1. great picture, I printed it out for Mom and she thinks Bingo is beautiful!