Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Bingo's First Official Outing - Day 3

Last night we tried on Bingo's SEGD coat for the first time in preparation for his first official trip out to school on Thursday. Here he is in his puppy coat:

He is handsome in his blue coat.

I was pretty nervous about the school visit. Bingo wasn't. I walked him and made sure he went to the bathroom outside at our house. Then Fred and I figured out how to secure him on the floorboard in the Honda (guide dogs don't ride on the seats, they sit on the floorboard) so that he would not be mobile but would have a bit of futzing around room. Once that was worked out, we were on our way. He fell asleep. Once we arrived at school, I walked him in the grass for a few minutes . . . then we walked to the lobby and our school visit began! Here Bingo is happily greeting a few people from Admissions, Reception, Alumni Relations and the Headmaster's Executive Assistant.

Of course, Bingo charmed them all. Notice, please, that he is sitting to be properly petted.

Then the Headmaster arrived and gave him some tips on proper decorum at school and expected behavior (which must have worked, because later that day, for the first time ever, when we gave Bingo the sit command, he actually SAT on his own! Such is the power of our headmaster.)
Bingo also dropped in on the Upper Division Director and connected with him very quickly! I think Bingo is very glad I am the Upper Division Librarian, because he is going to be spending most of his time in Upper Division. We also visited the Lower Division Library and the new librarian there, who gave Bingo some much needed water.
Bingo was only there for about an hour and a half, but he had a huge morning. He was admired by all the students he met and it seemed that the teens were just as excited about him as the little kids were. It was really sweet. It's going to be a great learning year both for Bingo and for me.

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  1. just wait till he gets on the eckerd campus! can't wait to meet Bingo, he looks so cute!!!