Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Yoga Dog

- By Fred
While Cheryl (known as CD to everyone else) has an exciting agenda planned for Bingo--driving to school, working in the library and classrooms, with students and endless distractions, I have something quite different to offer him on those days when he doesn't go to school. He will get to know my office here at home. I'll take him to lunch and we'll go on many walks, but mostly he will share my quiet life, more or less tethered (like me) to me desk, listening to music and to sporadic outbursts from me as I attend on-line meetings and stare (excessively, he will think) at that mysterious screen on my desk.

However, I will be able to offer him some excitement when I take him to yoga class. Well, maybe exciting is not the right word. I would say that the class was sublimely content to learn that Bingo would be coming to class. In preparation, Bingo and I are doing some preliminary work on the mat. Our first lesson is "no, don't chew the mat," and it's going pretty well. Next we are working on some streching, but like most youngsters, he is amazingly limber.

As you might expect, he was anxious to get started on Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog). Unfortunately, for now, his head is actually bigger than his arms, but time heals all things.

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