Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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Bingo's first guests and his first night away from SEGD - Day 2

Well, the puppy manual was right. He slept with nary a peep. We had to keep him awake from 5 pm on, but he went right to bed and it was quiet all night. I heard a creaking about 1 am and took him out and he peed. Again about 3 or 4 am he moved around and I took him out to pee and he peed, but no crying. He was a very good boy. He did his "kennel in and kennel out" commands very well. This is a shot of him with his first dinner. He didn't like the deep dish so we switched him to a shallower pan.
He also had his first visitors today. I had some former students and a friend and faculty member at my school come to say hello to him. You'll notice that he is looking at Willow but she won't look at him. She is still snubbing him. She plays hard to get.
The breeding program seems pretty incredible to me. Bingo is a very mellow dog. Although he does seem to enjoy being a plant warrior and attacking all manner of plants outside. Mostly he battles evil by napping.

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  1. How do I sign up for the job of battling evil by napping? I believe I am very well qualified.