Friday, July 31, 2009

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Hello Mr. Hyde! - Day 10

Here is Bingo in his coat as we go on a neighborhood walk around the block. Since we go on about 5 walks a day, the neighbors are begining to notice the very handsome small black lab puppy in the bright blue coat. Mostly we do a country walk, which allows him the full length of the leash and no coat. But when he has his coat on he is on what is known as a city walk. With a city walk, he only has about 1-2 feet of the leash to forage ahead. Bingo is an excellent walker. Aside from the Spanish moss problem and the common distractions of sticks and various dead animals (and puppies LOVE to roll in smelly dead things), he is just wonderful on the leash. But we have noticed that he does have a bit of the devil in him.
When I was reading the recent monthly newsletter from our area coordinator, he mentioned that several of the new people who had gotten puppies were saying how wonderful their puppies were and he cautioned that this was the first week honeymoon period. It's a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde situation, he wrote. They were on the best behavior because they were in a new place and as soon as they got comfortable, out came their real personalities. Well, Mr. Hyde made a bit of an appearance. I'm not so sure it was Mr. Hyde, more like Mr. Pterodactyl (as in large flying bird-like creature).

This morning Bingo was on the third step of the stairs and I was trying to make him walk down them slowly as in s....l...o...w...l...y and Fred walked by him and messed up the calm mojo of the stairs. Frankly, on the stairs, Bingo is looking for any excuse to mess up the calm mojo of the situation as he really wants to NOT go s....l...o...w...l...y. Fred squats down at the bottom of the stairs and looks up at Bingo and says, come Bingo. So Bingo gets this LIGHT in his eyes. This UNHOLY light. Like, I don't know where it came from, but it's not of this world kind of light. The kind of light where you should really step back and say, what just a moment there little fella! And then Bingo bunches his back legs and before I can even make a move for his collar, because I know that he is not moving in ANY way s....l...o...w...l...y, he LEAPS, and I swear to you this is no exaggeration, he gets four feet in the air, like a black lab bird of prey, a black lab Romulan bird of prey (I'm talking wow!) headed for my husband's head. My husband, who is now mouth open in astonishment, says "Did you SEE that?" As if I could have missed it. That's our boy: Part lab, part bird. All Bingo!

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  1. Fred, I would suggest saying "come on Bingo" at the top of the stairs, while he is at the bottom, just a thought.....