Sunday, July 26, 2009

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Speaking of Improving Relations (Willow and Bingo) - Day 5

Willow has been a bit leery of Bingo since he arrived. She did this mainly by removing herself from his presence, i.e., going into another room, not looking at him, not acknowledging his presence. In other words, in Willow's reality, he didn't exist. But after the second night, there were a few changes. When I took him out to busy (the official word for going to the bathroom) at night, Willow would get up and accompany us from the second evening on. After the third day, Willow would be in same room, but still be as far away from him as possible. Then on Friday, a miracle happened. Willow actually walked over to Bingo on her own sat beside him and sniffed him. She wandered off, but it was a big step in improved relations between the two of them. Here they are on Saturday. It didn't last more than about 5 minutes, but it was pretty cool. I think she's giving him the fish eye waiting for him to jump on her and be a pill.

Now, I know that Fred and I do think that Bingo is the most intelligent puppy on the face of the earth, but he has shown remarkable puppy restraint in his dealings with Willow. Most puppies we have raised when introduced to an older dog have raced straight for their ears and with their razor sharp puppy teeth have commenced with biting. (Not that we have allowed such bad behavior to go on, but they did get in a few bites before being dragged off.) Not Bingo. He hasn't bitten her once. Not once. This is the two of them this morning.

Quite a change! They are actually touching. I have high hopes that they will be fast friends. Willow is a very good dog and has much to teach Bingo.

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  1. Bingo is so cute! I am also a puppy raiser for SEGDI, I am currently raising my 5th puppy Rocky. I also have a blog about my journey raising puppies for SEGDI .