Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Bingo Is 10 Weeks Old - Day 8

Bingo celebrated some big milestones. He celebrated one week with us, his 10 week birthday, his first night of making it the whole night without having to go out to potty (a big deal!). Yep. He's a big puppy now.

On Sunday we had a visit from the daughter of friends of ours who had fun walking Bingo. Then we had another set of visitors on Tuesday. Hillary and her friend Caitlin (I hope I spelled that correctly) and Hillary's mom Katie who brought us lunch and ran Bingo all around the block. SEGD asks that you if you don't have kids in your house that you try to arrange to have children visit your guide dog puppy at least once a week. So Bingo has had two visits this week (three if you count school)! Hillary and Caitlin were great with him. They took him completely around the block where he showed them just how much he loves sticks and Spanish moss (did you know that Spanish moss is related to the pineapple plant, thank you Selby Gardens). He really loves Spanish moss. Katie has a great photo that I will post as soon as she sends it to me. Until then you will have to be content to wonder at his passion for Spanish moss. It really is quite outrageous!

Every day he gets better and better on the leash. Today was interesting as he decided he wanted to go home, and he knew the way we usually went, but I wanted to go a shadier route back. In just a week he had our normal route memorized and was looking for the turns. It only takes a little correction to get him to ease off of pulling on the leash. He is a lovely leash walker. So since I don't have a cute photo of Bingo with the Spanish moss, here is one of him fighting evil (AKA napping).

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