Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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Berkeley So Far

By Fred
Cheryl is away at a conference this week, Bingo is IFT (in for training), Willow is mostly hiding from Berkeley (our new SEGD puppy), so Berkeley and I seem to have the house to ourselves. We are working on Sit (which she seems to really enjoy) and Down (not so much). With Cheryl away, my sentences are becoming more condensed than usual (though she might disagree): Good girl. No. Good girl. Sit. Good girl.

This weekend Cheryl and I took Berkeley to her first restaurant, where she was literally worshipped and presented with a huge bowl of ice water, and like a spoiled princess she ignored her admirers and slept the whole time with her royal blue coat covering her like a blanket.

Also this weekend at the SEGD pool party Berkeley got to see Cookie and Elvis (her sister and brother). Of course they all look almost exactly alike. We learned that the three siblings also have similar behaviors--they are needy and don't like to be left alone.

Even so, with all the black Lab puppies in the world, all the familiar wagging tails and round eyes and happy natures, Cheryl and I think Berkeley is pretty special, pretty unique. And I am already thinking ahead to that day when she goes IFT. Oh, well.

We've heard that Bingo is settled in. It may be another month or so before we get any real news. Hopefully he is adjusting to the heat and is doing the right thing.

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  1. Goodness...she has such big, doe-like eyes! Such an ADORABLE pup!