Saturday, July 3, 2010

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Getting Wet

A picture of Bingo walking on the edge of our fish pondBy Fred
Our friend Gisah is visiting this weekend, and we're having fun relaxing and eating and hanging out. This morning we all sat outside on the porch to drink our coffee. Being a theatrical creature, Bingo decided to show off for our entertainment, pacing back and forth on the ledge of the fish pond.

"Aren't you afraid he'll fall in?" Gisah asked. No, we said, he's being doing this for months, stalking the fish and tempting gravity by leaning way over the water. Anyway, he's so stubborn that we just let him do until he gets bored, which is usually in about 10 seconds. He's been doing this at least once or twice a day for months. Never a problem.

Another picture of Bingo standing too close to the water.There's even a tall cactus plant nearby, and he has to squeeze between it and the water, and then there's no room to turn around so he has to carefully walk backwards past the sharp spines. And he doesn't just walk down the center of the ledge. No, he gets as close to the edge as possible just to show off.

A picture of Bingo crawling out of the pond. His rear end got soaked.
Then, just as Cheryl was bragging--how Bingo is so smart and so talented and so coordinated that he never falls in--and just as she was taking pictures, he slipped right into the water and then he scrambled out with the most puzzled look on his face, completely surprised and with his rear end soaking wet.

Of course, we had our new puppy, Berkeley, on the porch with us. She is a complete angel.
A picture of cute Berkeley, sitting on the porch


  1. Actually, I think my comment was, "What a dumbass! He was showing off for Berkeley and fell in."

  2. Poor Bingo! I bet his ego got a little bruised after that episode.

    Berkely's adorable!!! Love the baby puppy eyes :)

  3. Gorgeous pup! Have fun with her.