Monday, July 26, 2010

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Princess Pees-a-lot

Her Royal Highness Berkeley often goes out to the backyard to contemplate the zen of being. I've caught her on more than one occasion trying to eat the water lilies. Fred has even stopped her and had a frog pop out of her mouth, so our little Queen of all she surveys is actively searching for prince charming it seems (or warning him off! Don't try for any kisses here, buster. I will eat you with a spoon.).

Who knows the mind of royalty? Not I, evidently. Take yesterday, for example. I live in constant fear of a pee-saster. Yes, I said it. I can handle tile and linolium floors. It's the carpeted venues that freak me out. That's when I look at little Miss Tiny Bladder and think, oh my. She will do anything.

She's pretty good when we tell her to busy busy and yet, there is that unreasonable fear that the nap under the table will result in a pee-saster on our way out the door of the restaurant. Is she slowing down to sniff or something else, something more pee-worthy? That's when our blood speeds up a little bit, the heart beats a few times faster. Is my face flushed?

Did you know that Best Buy is COMPLETELY CARPETED? Did you also know that there are 100s of Best Buy employees stationed at nearly every other aisle!? And if you bring a really cute little 12-week old guide dog puppy into their store THEY WILL ALL STARE AT YOU LIKE YOU ARE CHOCOLATE?

It's true. Like chocolate. So I walked HRH very carefully, and even though Jennifer the trainer says to keep our eyes up, I couldn't help but be on the lookout out for the pee squat. It was CARPET! A puppy raiser told me she had been able to catch her pup's poo as it came out (now that is so OMG incredible I can't even conceive it!) yesterday at a department store. That wouldn't work with a pee-saster. So I had one eye on HRH, one eye on the Best Buy spies and one eye out for Fred who had disappeared and left me to wander the carpeted aisles. I figured I was safe if she was laying down. She had never actually peed while laying down. That I knew of anyway.

"Fred! Did you find the air conditioner?" Evidently, our old airconditioner was screaming in agony in the guest house and we had never heard it. Time for a new air conditioner.

"Yes." Fred is a man of few words. "Great. I'll see you at the car."

Evidently, royalty don't have pee-sasters. At least not at Best Buy with 100s of employees looking on.


  1. Hi CD,

    I'm Jason, Community Analyst for Best Buy. We frequently review our customers' online postings to gain insight and identify areas of improvement.

    I was delighted to run across this story, and wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing! Such a cute princess, and endearing stories to go along with her.

    And of course, thanks for shopping at Best Buy! :)


    Community Analyst
    Best Buy® Corporate

  2. I know, carpet is so dangerous! That's one reason I make my pups sit-stay or lie down when I stop briefly, although the main reason is for training. But it just gives you some feeling of safety.

    How neat that Best Buy found your post. :)

  3. LOL my puppies NEVER walk around stores until they are potty trained, they ride in the shopping carts. Else my nerves could not take it!!

    ...And our outings would be really relaly short. Pompei had too go every 15 minutes!!

  4. And all this time I thought I was the only that even noticed when there was carpet in the store. Well, good to know there are people just as worried as I am. By the way I love the list of recommend places you have to take HRH Berkeley.

  5. I love reading your posts!

    I'm always on the look-out for pee-sasters...but end up having poop-sasters.
    My first guide dog, Molly, would ALWAYS poop in the mall. We let our dogs busy BEFORE going into a store but she'd still go in the mall. After two trips and both ended up with full busy bags, we decided never again. We'll stick with Wal-mart, Target and Kohls and slowly work our way up :)

  6. I really enjoyed this post. I laughed out loud! :)