Sunday, July 18, 2010

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New Puppy Resolutions

It occurred to Cheryl and me the other day that we may not have been the perfect puppy raisers with Bingo... I know, he's probably one of the best dogs SEGD has ever gotten in for training, but it's possible that we could have done things a little better. Just possible.

It never hurts to have an open mind, so we made some new puppy resolutions with the prospect of doing even better with Berkeley. Here are a few:

Greetings. Berkeley will learn that she gets attention only when she is sitting and being a good girl (or when she looks at us like in the picture below).

Leash. Absolutely no hard pulling on the leash. We'll stop moving, say No, then say Good Girl when she lets up on the pressure.

Willow. Absolutely no rough-housing with Willow. They can play but will get separated if the play gets rough.

Praise. Always plenty of praise when Berkeley is doing the right thing.

Disrespectful Behavior. Absolutely no snoring, snorting, sighing, barking, farting or otherwise interrupting a social event. (That goes for all of us)

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