Sunday, July 25, 2010

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A Big Day

By Fred.
Yesterday was a very big day for the little girl. We started with lunch at Panera, her first indoor restaurant with a carpet that wanted to be pee'd upon but she resisted. Here's Cheryl and Berkeley being cocky on the sidewalk outside, trying to see who is cuter than whom--I try to weasel out of making any judgements like that.

Then it was on to Lowes for some shopping. More gawking from the shoppers with the same comments: I can't pet her, can I?, they ask. (Uh, No.) Pretty good walking for her first time in a busy store, right? To be honest, I cut off the end of the video (it got a little ugly).

Then on to Costco, where she did just as well, even with the crazy kids going in all directions and carts piled high with massive slabs of meat.

So far she's doing really well on the leash. We have a zero-tolerance policy against hard pulling--she just can't seem to remember it for very long. She does like to get out front and lead the way, which is nice.

And today we had a nice walk through the neighborhood. Until today, she's had no interest in walking away from the house, so I would carry her far down the sidewalk and we'd walk back. But today she was glad to go exploring in all directions. Something new every day...

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