Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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HRH Goes to the Vet

Her Royal Highness Berkeley had her first vet appointment last week at Animal Hospital of Northwood with Dr. Woodman, who is also a puppy raiser. We were the only ones in the waiting room when we arrived, but soon enough a couple of other dogs came in with their owners. It was such a new experience to have someone say, "You have such a good puppy!" HRH was sitting and observing the new arrivals with a bit of a glacial, haughty air. Distant, but interested. The tail was slightly wagging, but no indication that a lunge was imminent.

What a difference!

We went into the examining room and met with the nursing staff, who were very sweet. In addition, I was offered something to drink (that was super nice!) while I waited (which wasn't very long at all) for Dr. Woodman. HRH needed a flu booster shot.

I think HRH won over the Dr. with her puppy cuteness, but that may be just my desire to do her bidding. Dr. Woodman and his staff won me over. I'm so glad we switched vets to his office. We definitely felt better taken care of and the service was more attentive and prompt. Plus, Dr. Woodman is a fellow puppy raiser, and how can you not like that. We'll be switching our chocolate lab Willow over into his care as well.

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  1. She is such a cutie, I remember when I got my third puppy..my second puppy was..probably a sibling to Bingo hahaha. A little crazy and out of control during her younger months. So having Midnight was like a dream. She was soo good. Granted I was the one that was better :))