Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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Big Brother

By Fred
Our chocolate lab, Willow, is 10 years old and a little cranky, and she won't stay in the same room with Berkeley, our new SEGD puppy. Willow has zero interest in puppies but we know that she'll come around. She shunned Bingo for quite a while--now they're best friends.

Bingo, on the other hand, immediately accepted the new puppy. I wasn't sure what to expect (you just never know with Bingo), but he has been a very patient and gentle big brother to Berkeley this week, playing with her in a protective way and forgiving her puppy craziness, like when Berkeley gave his nose a good bite today. He is such a good boy (sometimes).

On Thursday Bingo will be back at SEGD, learning to be a real guide dog, making new friends, thinking in new ways. We'll miss him very much.

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  1. give Bingo a kiss for me and tell him I wish him luck! While your at it, tell Willow I miss and love her as well and I can't wait to meet Berkeley!