Monday, July 19, 2010

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Daddy's Girl

Some of you might remember the posts we did about dog beds. We bought these ginormous dog beds from Orvis. They were so big that full sized Bingo AND Willow could sleep on them. We have one of them downstairs in the TV room and one upstairs in our bedroom.

Berkeley found the one downstairs pretty quickly, the first week actually. She had been pretty good on her potty training, so we didn't pay much attention until she squatted.

"ACK! She's peeing on the bed!"

"No! Berkeley! Quick, take her outside."

Rats, that's when you have to shake yourself. Get in puppy mode. Tiny bladder mode. If you let her out an hour ago, chances are, she has to go again. Every nap, take her out again. Having an older dogs lures you into complacency. Big bladders, longer times between pee breaks. Peeing on the bed, however, big no-no. We have to undo the covers, then wash them, then undo the covering of the bedding and clean that and search to see if there is leakage. All in all, a big process. Needless to say, it happened once more, before we said, "No more bed until she is 100% potty trained!"

So imagine my surprise when I am at a conference session and I get a text message with a photo showing HRH (her royal highness) Berkeley on the bed a mere few days after we had enacted our No Bed Policy.

"Why?" I text back thinking succinctness will also imply other emotions.

"She ran and got in it and I am weak."

Ah. Houston, we have a problem. 8-)


  1. LOL!!!!!!I did the same time, the beds being out of reach last about two days before they were back down. Hey the floor is cold for their little bodies. :)))