Monday, August 3, 2009

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Bingo at Casa Tina's

Saturday we took Bingo and a friend's son out to
lunch. It was a combo meal of visit with a child and exposure to a restaurant for Bingo. Bingo had fun with Jamie, but as you can see from the first photo, he had a bit of a problem finding a comfortable space to lie down at the restaurant. We went to Casa Tina's, which is a great Mexican restaurant in downtown Dunedin and it has an outdoor patio. We are sticking with outdoor patios for the first couple of exposures just in case there are any accidents. I'm still a little paranoid, even though he has been very very good. Today is his 11-week old birthday.

He did eventually find a comfortable spot. He

charmed the waitress, of course.

Fred and I had an interesting discussion about the difficulties in explaining whether you can pet a dog in coat or not. The manual says that if the dog is under 10 months, that they are allowed to be petted while they are in coat. But after 10 months, they are not. The difficulty lies in the 9-11 month period with the people you come in contact with all the time who are used to petting him. How do you finesse it? I think it is a matter of taking the time to have a conversation with people. Most people who ask to pet the dog are interested in finding out about the dog and the program and would be interested in knowing about the socialization process that takes place. How sitting to be petted is part of that process and up until 10 months of age, they are allowed to do that in coat. After that we are working with them (not training them as we are not trainers! 8-) on getting used to the idea that when the coat is on it is all business. As you can see, Bingo is all business, all the time.

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