Monday, August 3, 2009

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Cheesecake Factory!

Bingo had a HUGE day today. We went to school for a meeting. He was very good, slept through most of the meeting, which in his case was a good thing. 8-) We didn't have any accidents on campus, although he did get a little nuts in Sarah's office. After that Christy and I left with him for his first major public excursion: Cheesecake Factory. We parked in the underground parking and took the elevator up. It was his first elevator ride and he was not impressed. Then we got to the upper level and walked to Cheesecake. I had a fully stocked bag filled with cleaning supplies in case of accidents. We walked right into the lobby where Bingo charmed the hostesses. He was a bit put off by the noise and started to walk a bit slowly, but the tail was still wagging. I could also hear the cries of several kids, "Look a puppy!" but all seemed to be progressing smoothly until we started to walk through the bar out to the patio. That's when Bingo hit the floor with the crumbs. Bingo went from slow walk to standstill with quivering nose and tongue out. But I did a quick correction and he hopped to it and we got out to the patio and got set up.

This is Bingo and Christy at the end of the meal. It was a hot day and he was ready to go home. He did a great job. He slept mainly under my side of the table, but wandered over to Christy's side on occasion. He never barked or was bothersome. He was perfectly mannered and beautifully behaved. All at 11 weeks old! Such a sweetie.

Here he is with Willow. They are getting along better and better with each passing day. Here she is actually letting him touch her for a prolonged period.

The morning and lunch outings really took it out of him though. He was pretty much wasted the rest of the day. He'll be a sleepy baby tonight. Yea! On another note, I received that photo from my friend I was waiting for on the Spanish moss incident. There is one house on our block that has some oak trees that have oodles of Spanish moss and whenever we walk by, Bingo grabs for the mass of moss as if it is a pile of spaghetti he can eat. And at every pile of moss, we have to stop and say "drop it" and then open his mouth and get him to drop it, because of course, what puppy wants to spit out a perfectly good mouthful of Spanish moss? What are you crazy?

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