Thursday, August 13, 2009

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First Call for Help.

Look at Bingo. He seems so weary. So, worn down by life. Actually, he's just really irritated I removed a large piece of mulch from his mouth and that look he's giving me is his "really, look around you, lady, do you think I can't find more mulch where that came from?" look. I often annoy him by removing things from his mouth or giving him the DROP IT command. He's becoming fairly responsive to it. However, we have found a couple of areas where we need some guidance.

Last night I called for help. Not a desperate call for help, just a tiny, small cry in the night. "Please, our puppy is stubborn. He's a bit afraid of doors. What do we do?"

Fortunately, Donna is our area coordinator and she rocks! I now have several new ways to get him to walk through doors that hopefully will prove successful in helping him with his shyness with industrial double doors. That should bring us back to our feisty Bingo, seen at right.

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  1. Puppies put EVERYTHING in their mouths. He has the puppy dog eyes down:)