Friday, August 28, 2009

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Yoga For Puppies

By Fred
I took Bingo to yoga class on Tuesday, believing that he was ready. He can be such a good boy sometimes, and we are so proud of him, that it's easy to forget he is still a puppy. And, to be honest, what could be more boring to watch than 90 minutes of yoga?

We arrived up 30 minutes early, just to get settled and introduce him to the instructor, who Bingo accidentally (I think) bit on the thumb. I promised to leave early if Bingo became disruptive. We sat in the back corner, Bingo on his own mat, and mine next to his. I had done some yoga with him at home, just to get him used to the mat and to the idea that humans sometimes do odd things.

He was a perfect dog for while. But for some reason, while I was twisted into a circle, Bingo snapped down on my shorts and started tugging so hard it rolled me over, and thinking this was a natural part of yoga, he went for my shorts again, and we had a good laugh. But a few minutes later he decided to chew on the carpet and see if he could rip it off the floor, and he would not take me seriously when I whispered that he should stop, so we made a early exit.

We'll try again sometime this fall. Or winter.

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