Monday, August 17, 2009

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Wearing the Green Shirt

By Fred
Here's Bingo, Cheryl and friends at a fund-raising event this weekend. As you can see, Bingo is the smart-looking Lab in the blue coat, and that's Cheryl in her Harry Potter eyeglasses and wearing her new, green puppy-raiser T-shirt (something she was more excited to get and wear than any jewelry I've gotten for her in the past, which is a good thing for me to remember in the future).

Bingo had a big day with the two Australian Shepherd female puppies, playing and stealing toys from one another, and most of the day was spent out-of-coat, meaning that the puppies were free to play with one another and have fun. We're learning that this strict distinction associated with the coat (they are working when it is on) helps prepare the dogs for their future lives and for the transitions that most humans face every morning when we get ready for work (except for those of us who work at home in our pajamas and can't really tell if we are working or not).

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