Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Fragrant Water Lily Contemplation or Not

Bingo isn't what you would call a zen puppy. Although he does a lot of napping, which is a zen activity, I will grant you that. Here he is ignoring the beauty of the fragrant water lily.We've had another restaurant outing and an ice cream parlor outing, but I'll share the details of those when I get the photos from my friend. He turns three months old this coming Monday. Our little boy! Three months old. It seems like only yesterday. Well, actually. 8-) I've ordered an extra large tote bag from Lands End (of course, I'm on their mailing list and got mine on sale for $19 on the back to school sale with free shipping, you should really sign up for their email newsletter, yes, the color is yellow, not what I would have chosen, but it's a tote bag, who cares! It's $19.) Anyway, now that I have this furry baby, I have to carry around a diaper bag for him, my crochet and school stuff for me and my purse. That means, three bags. No way. So, I bought an extra large tote bag with a surfeit of pockets and zippers. If this monster bag can't satifisfy my toting requirements, then I will just have to go around unhappy. 8-) Until then, I'll be happy that Bingo did finally realize that there was a beautiful flower that needed his attention. (Or perhaps a tiny morsel that needed smelling on the lily pad, but I quibble.)

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