Saturday, August 29, 2009

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The Dunedin Fire Department

On Thursday we had our monthly area meeting led by Donna and Don Thompson at the Dunedin Fire Department. Bingo displayed true fearlessness by staying pretty close to the fireman as he got into his fire search and rescue clothes. But when the mask finally went on, Bingo had enough and hunkered down a bit, tail lowered and we moved him back and out of the way.

The lights on the truck didn't seem to phase him at all.

We also had a short obedience class where I offered Bingo up as a demonstration dog to Donna. For the sit command, SEGD doesn't want you to push on the puppy's backside to force them to sit. So Donna showed us a little tip to help get our puppies to sit. You can pinch them softly right by the hips and if they know how to sit, they will sit right away. Here she is demonstrating the soft pinch, touch really.
It worked like a charm. She did that and then Bingo sits, and gives her a look like, "What was that?"

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