Monday, August 31, 2009

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Bingo Goes to School Today

Bingo met Milly, a career change guide dog, before he was introduced to the students at my school.

Today Bingo was introduced to upper and middle division students and they were told the rules of engagement, so to speak. Being a librarian, I connected it all with a book theme, Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak. When he has blue coat on, he is invisible. When it is off, you can see him. It was pretty simple and the kids picked it up right away.

Of course, I've always been very impressed with our students. So it was not very surprising to leave the auditorium and have most of the students pretending to not see the fatally charming black lab puppy at my side in his bright blue coat. Those who did fail to remember and started to say something were swiftly slapped by their friends and then given a whispered "he's got on the cloak!" It was really cute.

But what was super cute? The cheerleaders! Bingo and I rounded the corner of the library after school on a potty break, so he was out of coat and visible, when we ran smack into the practicing JV cheerleading squad. Bingo, being newly washed and super shiny for his first day at school, is sparkling like Edward in Twilight and the JV Cheerleaders go NUTS! They all rush forward, in spite of the fact that I had asked to everyone to approach one at a time. One of the cheerleaders noticed that I was shaking my head and saying "one at a time" and so she said in a loud voice, "Single file line behind Amy!" And damn, if everyone of them didn't snap to behind Amy in a single single file line to pet Bingo. Twenty cheerleaders all in a line, Bingo sitting pretty in front of me and they all filed past, had a minute or two with him and moved on. It was precious.

I'm going to love bringing him to school. Bingo is really going to love it.

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  1. Cute imagery except for the disturbing reference to Twilight. Please. Anyway, isn't Bingo really more like (the other guy)?