Saturday, August 8, 2009

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Tea Party on Friday

On Friday I had a Book Club reunion for my former students, some now college sophomores!, to see them before they went away and Bingo was a big hit. Here they all are with a very tired Bingo.Of course, Willow did have her admirers too. Lauren and Allison have house sat for us and are big Willow fans. So, Willow was not without lots of pats and kisses as well.

But, Bingo did get the lion's share of the attention. He sat to receive attention. He didn't bite very much. He played nicely. The kids were all super good about following the rules: no people food, no letting him up on the furniture, etc.

This is why I love working in a school: the chance to connect with wonderful kids. These kids are so bright and talented and it is such fun to see them as they head out to college and then go off on their careers. Tonight, for example, we are headed off to an art gallery photography show that a former student and New College graduate curated. That should be very interesting.

I'm very lucky to be able to have a job not only where I work with such wonderful teens, but also where I am allowed to bring my guide dog in training to work, which will happen on Monday.

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