Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Official Faculty Introduction!

Bingo was officially introduced to the upper division faculty today and they all seemed to like and welcome him on to campus. I likened his blue coat to Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility, that when it was on, he was invisible and on the job. When it was off, he was just a dog, but a dog with certain rules of behavior.

We have an incredibly compassionate faculty as well as caring student body, so I know the kids will be as good with Bingo as the teachers will be. The hard part is going to be not distracting him, but I have faith they can do it (Maty and Pilar!), knowing that the ultimate goal is to make him a great guide dog.

Of course, being incredibly cute was helpful and he did a great surfer dude impression by falling asleep at my feet as I explained his role. Now that I think about it, he could have been making a subtle statement about the quality of my presentation, but I am going to hope not!

So, for any of you colleagues out there who are reading Bingo's blog, there are only two slight problems with sitting by Bingo during a meeting. The first was that Bingo farted. Fortunately, it was a silent but deadly fart so not everyone knew he did it. Of course, that meant that my friend Christy accused me of doing it and said that now I was going to blame everything on poor little Bingo. The stinker! The second problem was that a little while later, Bingo started dreaming and chasing rabbits, and running in his sleep. Happily for us, this time he did not snore, as he usually does, or yodel out for the rabbit during the dress code speech. That would have been supremely embarrassing! So there is a small danger of being embarrassed by dog snores or yodels during a meeting. That is counteracted by having him sleep on your feet and lean on you. And as Christy and attest to, try to eat anything that falls off of you such as sunglasses. You take your chances sitting by us. 8-)

Upper Division Faculty 2009/2010 with Bingo.

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