Monday, August 10, 2009

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First Full Day at School: Dominance Games

Bingo had his first full day at school and he survived it as did I. We found a place for his crate in my office. In this photo, if you look to the left of the crate, the wet spot is not pee, it is just water that Bingo tipped over in his overzealous water drinking. That seems to be his deal on carpet. Drink water, spill it on the rug, lay on it. He did it in the Rudolph library as well.

Two of our student library proctors were in helping sort out library books and they also helped get Bingo going as he can be a bit of a laid back surfer dude at times. The boys were great with Bingo giving him just the right bit of encouragement without getting him too excited or making him jump up.

They worked all day for us. Bingo napped most of the day. So I can say with no reservations that puppies are not very reliable and sophomore boys are extremely helpful and reliable, at least our library sophomores are! They rock! And we even had a big commercial debut today as well. Our slp on the right also starred in a Luzianne tea commercial, which debuted on Monday as well. Here they are with Bingo and two carts of books that they helped get in order for us. They are also going to be filming a library video for us on the library rules.

After school, Bingo and I dropped by the vet's to get his 12 week shots and he met Elma, one of his litter mates there. Elma, evidently, is much more spirited than our little laid back surfer dude and much smaller. Bingo has put on 10 pounds in three weeks and now weighs in at 27 pounds. I was a little concerned that perhaps Bingo was a bit too laid back and was bordering on lethargic, and the vet thought he might be anemic, so we did some blood work, but anemia was ruled out. He is on some doggie vitamins now and we'll see if that will perk him up a bit. It might be a bit of a combination of laid back personality, coupled with a hint of stubborness and an owner training problem.
Bingo is super dominant. He's already at 12 weeks shown our 8 year old chocolate lab who the boss is and she's down with the little dude. This morning, he barked and Willow and I both got and walked over to him. BAD. That's just bad. 8-) We are weak women to fall for such a cute little man. And he has a little stubborn streak. He has started sitting down when he doesn't want to walk anymore. When we went to lunch and he spent it sleeping at my feet and I woke him up to leave, and he didn't want to leave, he just sat down. That's stubborn. So I had to pull out the mommy voice and squat down and get all perky and happy and get his tail to wag and then he decided it was fun to leave the restaurant. Sigh. I think perhaps our laid back little surfer dude finds it amusing for me to be perky and Cordelia Chase-y. Although, she wasn't exactly little miss sunshine, but she was a cheerleader. However, I digress. I'm keeping an eye on him. The minute I see a little smirk on his surfer dude face.......

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